Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my lovely readers.  I’d like to have each and every one of you as my Valentines this year because I love you all so much!  While I fully believe you should celebrate love everyday, not just one day a year, I’m still a sucker for love, and therefore any day that is dedicated to love. I think that is why I love weddings so much – because I love love so much.  And pretty personal details, DIY, vintage, flowers, letterpress, gorgeous gowns…you get the idea!  So, I wanted to do a LOVE inspiration board for your Valentines pleasure.  xx

And if you’ve procrastinated and forgotten to get your Valentine a Valentine, here are some fantastic free printables from SoSmithy Design.  I love the calender one A LOT!

Go here to download any or all three!  
Happy Valentine’s Day.  xx