I post a lot about wedding style, and bridal style, but what about groomie style?  That’s pretty important too, right ladies?  So today, I’m styling the boys. Here are some of my favorite looks to fit every groom’s style.

{The Classic Groom}
{The Country Groom}
{The Dapper Groom}
{The Vintage Groom}
{The Low-Key Groom}
{The Preppy Groom}
The Really Preppy Groom}
{The Black Tie Groom}
{via J.Crew}
{The Hipster Groom}
{The Summer-Casual Groom}
{via J.Crew}
{The Summer-Dressy Groom}
{The Romantic Groom}
{The Outdoorsy Groom}
{via Ruffled}
{The Business-Attire Groom}
{via J.Crew}
The Southern Groom}
{The Dream Groom}
{insert your dream groom’s photo here – Ryan Gosling photo found here}
Well grooms (if any grooms in fact read this blog) which is your style?  I’d love to hear from some boys today!  And ladies, which is your dream groom?  You know which one is mine, aside from the actual groom I have, of course.  He’s my number one, and totally understands that Ry Gos is my number two.