I don’t know about you, but my husband seems to think I’m impossible to shop for.  I don’t get it – it seems so easy to me.  I am very vocal about what I like if you pay attention.  But let’s face it, sometimes the fellas don’t always pay attention.  And while I really don’t need a thing and love buying for my boys and seeing how much they like their gifts, it is nice to get a thoughtful gift too.  So I have compiled a list of great gifts that I, or the lady in your life, would love.  Ladies, feel free to send your husband over for a hint.  I’ll be sending mine, because who am I kidding, this is my wish list!

1.  Gift an experience
I love experience gifts!  A spa treatment, a fun class (cooking, photography, photoshop & illustrator, and an upholstery class are just a few on my list), or tickets to a concert or a show make a great gift.  Also great: a weekend road trip, dinner to that new fancy restaurant she’s been dying to try, or something off her dream to-do list (like a hot air balloon ride).

2.  Gold
No, I don’t literally mean gold, although that’s great too.  I mean something more like this:

These gifts will give her a touch of gold and sparkle, making her feel fancy whenever she wears or sees the gift.  I would be happy with any one of these, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a little gold.  That iPhone case is only $25!  And I love those rings.  They are stackable, so you can get a special number (anniversary, baby’s birthdate, etc.)  And yes, those are actually gold.  

3.  A pretty robe
Yes a robe, and no not lingerie (unless she has specifically asked for it, because regardless of what those stupid Victoria’s Secret commercials tell you, the woman in your life does NOT want lingerie for Christmas).  A robe is something that will make her feel pretty without the pressure of looking sexy.  I love this one from Plum Pretty Sugar!

4.  Beauty products

Go look in her cosmetics bag and see what she is almost out of.  Make sure it is something she uses everyday, like a lotion, perfume, or something like that.  She’ll think you’re really thoughtful and it will save her from being forced to buy it for herself.  These are my favorite (like, addiction level favorite) everyday beauty products:

And ladies, if you use a tinted moisturizer you MUST try Jouer’s LMT (above) because it will change your life.  I have tried every tinted moisturizer out there, and this one is BY FAR the best (and the price is higher than your drugstore moisturizer but less than Laura Mercier, so it is a double win)!

5.  A book about something she is actually interested in
Does she have a photography hobby?  Then get her one of Annie Leibovitz’s coffee table photography books.  Does she like to cook and also have a girl crush on Gwyneth Paltrow?  Get her Gwynnie’s cookbook.  It shows her that you pay attention to what she likes.  Here are some of the books on my wishlist:

6.  A collection of movies with her favorite actor
I think this pretty much speaks for itself.  And yes, I’ve seen, and NEED, all three for my Ryan Gosling collection.
Did you hear that Santa?  Ladies, what’s on your wish list?