Hey lovelies!  Welcome to my Best of 2011 Posts Revisited – Here’s my most popular post from 2011.  Enjoy…  (and you can find the original post here)

Love mason jars but want a unique way to use them in your wedding?  Here are 10 DIY ways to set yours apart!

1.  Wrap a ribbon on them (bonus points for making it into a bow tie!),
throw in a matching straw, and use them for signature cocktails!
2.  Assign one to each guest for beverages with a chalkboard sign and name tags
to give your wedding a laid back feel
3.  Turn them into cool luminaries with vintage book pages
4.  Or wrap lace around them for vintage luminaries

5.  Use them for take-home dessert treats
 6.  Use chalkboard paint to make them escort cards
7.  Use them for wedding favors
8.   Tie them together for a ‘multiple’ floral container
9.   Spray paint them to make them match your color palette
(but make sure they aren’t the old and valuable mason jars first!)
 10.  Wrap twine around to change up the look of floral containers like this:
Or this: