This wedding is so charming I almost can’t stand it.  I was giddy when it landed in my inbox and just couldn’t wait to share it with you.  The bunting that seems to go on for miles was made by friends of the bride and groom.  And with that much bunting, how could you not have a happy day?

Venue: The Woodlands in Hamilton, North Island, New Zeland 
 Photographer: Bayly & Moore via Two Bright Lights
The bunting, the mismatched tea cups, the bicycle with the chalkboard sign & programs, the sheet music pinwheels, that photobooth!  I die.  This wedding shows how you can have a lovely and charming day full of fun and personality, and without spending a ton of money.   You just need a little imagination, inspiration, and craftiness.  And love, of course!

If you love this, check out Felicity & Stephen’s stop motion video of the day: