Today we’ve got a lovely blogger bride from across the pond!  Elizabeth from Bridal Musings is stopping by to give some wedding planning advice and give us a peak of her own wedding.  Welcome, Elizabeth!

As a wedding blogger, what is your favorite part of other people’s weddings?

The sheer joy and emotion on everyone’s faces captured beautifully by talented photographers!

What was the first piece of wedding planning you did?

The first thing we did was write a draft guest list then once we knew roughly how many people we wanted to invite we went on a tour of potential venues. My husband, Zee, had a Vespa at the time, it was a beautiful day so we had lots of fun zipping about London in the sunshine!

In your opinion, what is one vendor no wedding can be without?

Photography and, a close second, videography. I know it’s a cliché but there’s a reason everyone says ‘your wedding day goes by so quickly’ because it really does! The beautiful imagery from your day ~ those special moments captured on camera and film will be with you always. I love the thought of sharing our photos and wedding film with our children (and grandchildren).

{To see Elizabeth’s wedding film, go here.}

In your opinion, what is one thing or vendor that you think brides can do without (or at least do sparingly)?

Favours. Guests are there to wish you well as you begin your married life together as well as for the yummy food, free/cheap wine and to party! I find it so sad when carefully thought out/DIYed/expensive favours are left behind or never used by guests.

We didn’t have favours at our wedding but we did have a retro photobooth that printed double prints. It meant that we got one for our guest book and our guests got a print of themselves to take home and remember the day.

What was your favorite source of inspiration for your own wedding?

Blogs, blogs and more blogs! My bookmarks bar was (and still is) full of them ~ including Oh Lovely Day, of course! I also loved looking through my family’s vintage wedding photos too and talking to them about their weddings.

Did you do an inspiration board?

I didn’t know how to create inspiration boards back when I was planning my own wedding but I collected HUNDREDS of wedding images & saved them on my computer/iphone. So when it came time to blog about my own wedding (a very hard task as I’m sure you know, Chandra) I decided to put together an inspiration board:

{go here for photo credits}

Describe your wedding style.

The vision I had for our wedding was English, vintage elegance with a hint of Arabic mystique (in honour of Zee’s Arab roots.)

Your favorite wedding memory?

I loved every single moment, from getting ready with my girls to holding Zee’s hands and looking into his eyes as we made our promises to each other. The reception was such fun, I loved having all my closest friends and family in one place and you can’t beat dancing the night away in a wedding dress! I’ve never felt so happy, so beautiful and so loved.

I also have so many wonderful memories of the whole planning process ~ trips to wedding fairs, trying on wedding dresses and having lovely long lunches with my mum, aunt and friends as well as menu tasting with Zee and creating our wedding website.

One of my fondest memories was practicing our first dance a few nights before the wedding. We actually changed our first dance as we couldn’t stop laughing at how silly we looked! (Al Green’s ‘I’m So In Love With You’ is quite a jaunty little number!)

If you could offer one piece of advice to planning brides, what would it be?

Enjoy the planning process ~ it’s a once in a lifetime experience so make the most of it. Involve your family and friends as much as possible, there is so much girly fun to be had! There will inevitably be stressful times too so lean on them for support if you need to.

Thanks so much Elizabeth for sharing with us.  I think your advice regarding favors is especially helpful! To see the full wedding on her own blog with vendor credits, go here, here, and here.   

Photos by Hannah of Funky Photographers