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This e-session is one of my favorites, and not just because it is really lovely, but because it features my favorite season at my favorite college, my alma mater: Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio.  I may be biased, but Miami is the prettiest college campus EVER, and it is at its prettiest in the fall.  Just looking at these photos takes me back (WAY back) to my college days.  Going back to school in the fall, walking to class, Morris Hall, fratty Fridays, the Upham arch, Uptown, Bagel and Deli, Ozzies, CJ’s, every other bar that probably no longer exists…  I miss it so.  I miss those carefree days (even though you don’t realize how carefree they are) and living in a house with my best friends.  I know if I had to do it again now I would only last a week tops, but the memories are so sweet!

So, here is a little glimpse of Miami and a gorgeous couple who fell in love there…

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