This DIY is so easy and such a perfect addition to your vintage or DIY weddings!  All you need are some vintage trays (in any condition!), some chalkboard paint, and some chalk.

Scour your local flea market or grandmother’s attic for some old trays.  I have an old tarnished silver one that I got at my favorite flea market for super cheap.  Then paint the inside bottom with chalkboard paint.  Use chalk to write whatever you want.  You can put one on each table and write your table name or number on them.  You can use them as dessert bar signs or have a cheese display for something different.

Or use them as your menu like these below:
 Or as photo booth signs or decor for your guestbook table:
 And then hang them and display them in your home after your wedding, or use them for all of those dinner parties you tell yourself you’re going to throw to justify half of what you register for 🙂
For a full DIY tutorial for the chalkboard trays in the top photo, go here.
So what do you think?  Do you love this new take on the chalkboard wedding sign?  I do!