This wedding has everything I love to see in a wedding: things the couple loves, DIY details, personal touches, and lots of love and fun.  And both the bride and the groom chime in about their day below!

From the photographer:

Every detail of Emily + Colin’s wedding was personalized and symbolized something significant in their relationship.  Much of their wedding was DIY friendly, as they collected every centerpiece together at antique shops throughout their engagement, and every book + antique camera seen at the reception was from their own personal collection.  Emily wore her mother’s 1981 wedding dress + shoes, that she had her seamstress friend transform into something fresh and new.  Emily + Colin’s friends were their DJs, and guests danced late into the night, and then camped in the yard only feet from where the reception took place.

Photography: Woodnote Photography submitted via Two Bright Lights
Flowers: Bloom Floral / Event Design: Tailored Engagements 
Rentals: Karl’s Event Services / Ceremony + Reception Location: the bride’s parents backyard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin / Brides Shoes + Dress: her mother’s refurbished wedding ensemble from 1981

From the bride:

I remember my first wedding magazine. It was of course, Brides and it was
the fall issue 2008. I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of my
wedding day and my almost insatiable desire for all things wedding after I
flipped through that magazine came as a bit of a surprise to me. I started
reading all I could about weddings, discovering Martha Stewart in the dead
of night, while my then boyfriend was at work or asleep. I started to love
weddings, every inch of them and upon my engagement to the lovely Colin the
day after thanksgiving 2009 our wedding was almost fully formed in my head.
Little did I know how special it would become with the help of fabulous
vendors and talented friends.
We had a lot of talented friends and family that helped us. First, my mother
whose DIY skills made all the small details that were so important to us
come together. Colin’s brother Andrew who made us beautiful letterpress
invitations and our good friend and groomsmen Scott who brewed us our very
own beer for the big day. Our friends Mickey and Sam spun their vinyl late
into the night keeping everybody on the dance floor.
Then there was the dress. I have a good friend Mrs. Myrica von Haselberg who
agreed very kindly to make my dress for me as a gift. Knowing her talents as
a designer I was very excited. Little did she know then that I would ask her
to disassemble my mother’s 1981 wedding gown to be made into the perfect
dress for me.  I also was lucky enough to wear my mother’s wedding shoes,
dirty bows removed replaced by fabulous shoe clips. My mother and I spent
several hours sewing crystals onto the 30 year old applique to cover the
places where it had yellowed. To me, here was never such a special dress
worn by a bride anywhere
We were also blessed with fabulous vendors who made our wedding feel
anything but ordinary. The magic of Caroline and Jayden of Woodnote
Photography added to the dream of the day as did the ethereal flower
arrangements made by our florist Laurel of Bloom. She placed them in the
vintage McCoy planters that Colin and I spent hours hunting for in local
antique malls. Amanda of Tailored Engagements brought it all together for
us, taking our ideas above and beyond our dreams.
The day for me was a blur, what I think will remember most is the feeling of
it all. I had never been so happy, or so in awe of the amount of love and
support I felt that day.
From the groom:

Don’t forget the ring! Emily’s ring is custom made, and as unique as she is.
Working with Stein’s  to create a real piece of jewelry from the images in
Emily’s head took a few weeks, but the end result is worth it, and the extra
time we spent really made Em feel special.
The wedding day started slowly for the groomsmen who largely claimed to be
able to dress in fifteen minutes and seemed bent on proving this while we
spent to morning playing records and eating big-sandwich while my bride and
her ladies readied themselves.
We spent a few hours before the wedding having photos taken out at Northwind
Farms which is a literal treasure trove of farmy kitsch for us to pose with
and it was here I first saw Emily in full-on wedding regalia: she looked as
beautiful as any bride could hope to be.
After a whirlwind of photos and bow-pinning the ceremony was quick upon us
and suddenly we were pouring our hearts out to each other and then we were
married. I will always cherish the few brief moments together we had
afterwards before we got bombarded with confetti and the party began in
earnest. And what a party… it was glorious! After fireworks, cigars,
dancing, acting silly in the photobooth, and several homemade beers, we
finally snuck away to a nearby hotel and slept the best sleep in months.
Thanks a lot June 18, 2011, you were great, a day we’ll never forget.

I love how it was truly a DIY affair from so many family and friends of the couple.  And they definitely made their wedding THEM.  Congrats Emily & Colin!