DIY no sew curtainsI saw this DIY tutorial on Project Nursery a while ago and have been wanting to make curtains for Charlie’s room ever since. And you can follow the same tutorial to make a tablecloth, runner, or pretty much anything that requires a large piece of fabric that you would otherwise sew a hem into.

{Here’s what you need}
Fabric (this is the fabric I chose, I bought 6 yards and used a coupon so I paid around $35)
-Scissors (I used regular scissors, but fabric scissors would be a bonus)
-HeatnBond Ultra Hold Tape (got mine here and paid like $6)
-An iron, any iron will do
-An ironing board or other flat, hard surface
-Curtain rings (number depending on the width of the panel, but I used 7 for each panel, costing $10)
-I also needed a curtain rod  (and you may need a drill, hammer, etc. to install curtain rod, cost $12)
{How I did it}
Following the instructions on Project Nursery, I laid my fabric out (on panel at a time) on my ironing board, reverse side up
-Next I plugged in my iron (the bonding tape instructions say medium heat and no steam)
-Then I laid the bonding tape out along the edge of the fabric, paper side up
-Next put your hot iron down on the edge of fabric on the tape and run the iron along the edge of fabric/tape.  The tape instructions say to keep it on for 2 seconds, but I did it for a little longer.
-Run the iron all the way down the fabric until the tape is sticking all along the edge.  Let cool.
-Peel the paper off and then fold the edge over to make your ‘hem.’  I found it easier to fold it so that the whole piece of tape had been folded.  Then start ironing the edge in place again, like you did on the paper side of the tape
-Iron all the way down the edge, like you did on the paper side of the tape, leaving on each section for at least 6 seconds.  I did it a bit longer.
-Once it has cooled, check to make sure the fabric bonded.  If it didn’t, put the iron on it for a bit longer.  If it has, you can add your curtain rings.  My panels were 44 inches wide and I used 7 rings for each panel (most come in packs of 7).
-If your curtain rod is already installed (if it isn’t, follow the instructions that came with the rod), then your curtain panels are ready to hang!
I hung mine over the roman shades I had originally installed, because Charlie’s room gets a lot of light, and as all you momma’s out there know, the darker the better for baby’s sleeping!  Here is my finished product (if you look closely, you’ll see Charlie approves):
So there you have it – super easy no sew DIY curtains!  And the total cost for my cute chevron panels was $41! (not including the rings and rod)  Not bad when you compare that to the cost of ready-made curtains or other window treatments, and most are generic or one color.
Now do you see how easy it would be to use this same idea to make other things?  I’m thinking table squares, table runners, table cloths, aisle runners, photobooth backgrounds…the list goes on and on.  What ideas do you have?  I’d love to hear in the comments section!