It’s Monday, which means it is time for the second installment of Behind the Veil.  Today’s blogger brides are the lovely ladies behind Love and Lavender.  We started our blogs around the same time and I’ve been honored to have both my engagement session and my wedding featured on their blog.  They are just the sweetest girls, their blog is fantastic, and I have a feeling if we lived close we’d be fast friends!  Ellen’s wedding photos are on film, so only Aileen is sharing wedding photos with us today, but both are sharing their advice.  So please show some love to Ellen & Aileen:

As a wedding blogger, what is your favorite part of other people’s weddings?

Ellen: I love seeing the couple’s personality come out in their details.

Aileen: I love seeing how people personalize their weddings to reflect their style and relationship. It’s so fun to see different personalities shine through in the details, the attire, etc. I also love hearing the stories behind everything.

What was your favorite part of your wedding?  

Ellen: Besides marrying the man of my dreams I would say the venue. We got married at my great aunt and uncle’s peach orchard–which was super sentimental

Aileen: My favorite part of our wedding was probably the reception. It was so fun to see the day we’d been planning for so long finally happen, and being surrounded by so many loved ones made us feel so happy and cherished!

What was the first piece of wedding planning you did (booked venue, bought dress, etc.)?

Ellen: The venue. My aunt offered up their property to us–which I couldn’t resist!

Aileen: The venue…we figured it would affect a lot of other decisions.

In your opinion, what is one vendor no wedding can be without?

Ellen: Photographer—I love looking through wedding photos, so I can’t imagine not having a good photographer.

Aileen: A good photographer makes such a difference! No matter what your budget is, make photography a priority. You will treasure the photos for years to come.

In your opinion, what is one thing or vendor that you think brides on a budget can do without (or at least do sparingly)?

Ellen: As a bride on a budget I would say catering.  If you are trying to save money asking friends or family to bring a salad or side is really cost effective!  For my wedding we had my husband’s grandparents bring brisket, and my aunts all brought salads/sides. We ended up with a delicious homemade meal that our guests raved about!

Aileen:  It really depends on what your priorities are and what you can handle yourself.  I didn’t hire a wedding coordinator because I really wanted to be involved with all the details myself and I had a lot of time but not a lot of money. I also had a lot of friends willing to help set up on the day of, which was crucial.  I would never have pulled it off without them!

What was your favorite source of inspiration for your own wedding?

Ellen: That is hard…I didn’t know about wedding blogs when I got married (or there weren’t any out there) so I had to come up with a lot of stuff myself.  So to inspire me I looked at what my husband and I enjoyed and tried to incorporate it.

Aileen:  Blogs of course! Not just wedding blogs (although I definitely checked them religiously) but also home decor blogs and style blogs in general.  I also drew inspiration from displays at Anthropologie and other stores.

Your favorite wedding memory?

Ellen: All the little things that went wrong.  That’s super odd I know, but they are what sticks out and I can laugh about now. Having our cake on a slope which caused it to crack and become lopsided (at the time I was annoyed, but now it has a funny memory), or the florist that made the boutonnieres out of large calla lilies instead of the mini ones!

Your favorite wedding detail?

Ellen: That would definitely be the food!  It was so good that I was afraid I was going to bust open my dress!

Aileen: I loved our photobooth. Because of it, we have pictures of almost every single person who came to our wedding! We put all the photos into an album with their corresponding advice cards, and everyone who comes over to our apartment loves looking through it.

Were you a DIY bride?  If so, what did you DIY?

Ellen: I was a DIY bride to some extent.  I made the table runners, centerpieces, and all of the decor.

Aileen: Oh yes…the flowers, the centerpieces, the boutonnieres, the invitations and programs were all DIY projects, and that’s not even an exhaustive list!  Probably one of my favorite projects was our cake topper.  I made a little mini Ben and me based off some photos I’d seen, and it turned out just like I’d hoped.  Although it took a lot longer than I had anticipated!

Describe your wedding style.

Ellen: When I got married I would say it was bright and cheery. Now it’s romantic and intimate.

If you could offer one piece of advice to planning brides, what would it be?

Ellen: Have fun on your day! You only get married once and stressing over all the little things can ruin your day. Sit back, relax, and have fun!

Aileen: Make sure to take time and enjoy the day. Don’t be obsessed with the details on the day-of.  No one will know if something didn’t turn out like you’d planned, so relax and enjoy the important part–marrying the man of your dreams!!

How did you make your wedding YOU?

Ellen: I’m a very effervescent person, so I really tried to reflect that with the colors, details, and vibe of our special day.

To see more of Aileen’s gorgeous DIY wedding, go here and here.  And Ellen has some news of her own.  She’s got a little lavender baby on the way, and it’s a girl!  Go here to see her adorable annoucement!

Thanks so much for sharing ladies.  xx

*All photos by Simply Rosie Photography