This wedding was very DIY, which is exactly what the couple wanted.  From the bride:

My dream wedding was one where all of the guests pitched in.  I gathered the rocks that morning on a walk with my maid of honor.  During the ceremony, we had each guest deposit a rock from the mountains into a hand spun wooden bowl my dad made, which represented the foundation of love and honor each guest brought to our lives that Dave and I will be building our marriage on. The mason jars belonged to Dave’s mother, who used them for canning food and jellies for the family.  She passed away a few years before I met Dave, so the jars have always been a meaningful connection for me.  Our caterer canceled a week and a half before the wedding so we reverted to original plan of doing it on our own. We had veggie crudites, fruit, baked mini croissants, olives, cheese and crackers, mason jars of m&ms and spiked raspberry lemonade.