Today is the first day of July.  I swear the time just flies by these days.  I’m really excited, and a little nervous, because I’ll be taking my first solo trip with the kiddo next week.  We’re going to Chicago to see my very large family of aunts, uncles, and cousins, and grandmother.  And to see all of my old friends, and their little ones.  And my mom and brother who will be visiting also.  I’m really excited for Charlie to see and meet everyone and I can’t wait to take him to the Lincoln Park Zoo, but am a little bummed the Cubs won’t be in town because I really wanted to take him to a game.  But, I just got him nap trained and I’ve never flown solo with him before, so I’m a wee bit scared about the trip too.  I think it will be good for us to stretch our comfort zone a little bit and to see lots of family and friends.  Being home everyday just the two of us can get a bit lonely sometimes, so it will be nice to stay with my bestie and her little man and just hang out all week.

So, while we’re gone I have lots of great (and I mean GREAT) guest posters for you from some of the best wedding blogs around.  You are going to be so spoiled by them you probably won’t want me back!  Until then, I made a little 4th of July inspired board for you all.  I hope yours is full of good food, pretty fireworks, appreciation of our freedom and those who keep protect it, family, friends, and fun!

{Middle Row} via Positively Splendid, 1st dibs