Today’s post is a double-good treat (yes, I just said double-good) because we have a guest post from Jacin of Lovely Little Details AND she is posting about a signature cocktail alternative.  In other words, a creative way to drink and serve alcohol at your wedding!  What is better than that?!  Take it away Jacin!
Hi everyone! I’m Jacin, from Lovely Little Details, and I am so honored to be guest posting today for Chandra on her oh-so-lovely blog! I met Chandra a while back in the blogosphere and we immediately hit it off, so I am so happy to be here today {especially among the lineup of amazing guest bloggers she’s had to visit thus far!}
So at first when I was thinking about what to write today, I wanted to talk about mason jars – because if you know me at all by now, you know that I am a mason jar loving gal {take one look at my logo and you’ll see that!} But then I saw something that caught my eye: a frozen watermelon mojito popsicle. And it was love at first sight. Isn’t it amazing how inspiration truly is all around? That one little popsicle got the wheels turning in my head and next thing I knew, I was re-thinking the concept of signature cocktails to see what other creative ideas could come about. And here’s what I found:
Cocktail popsicles – in all the flavors you can think of. Mojitos, margaritas, strawberry and peach vodka collins – you name it, it’s been frozen. For those planning a summer wedding, I can think of nothing more refreshing than an ice cold {literally!} libation during cocktail hour, as guests mingle with each other. Of course, a personalized cocktail napkin would go along just perfectly, or maybe a personalized popsicle stick – do those even exist? Note to self: create personalized popsicle sticks.
Now I love this idea of homemade gelato, as created by Jess of Pen and Paper Flowers, but taking this even further, how about homemade Italian ice? Incorporating those lovely masons, of course, and using pretty wooden spoons or mini plastic scrapers like you get at the gelato shop?
Or, for a fiesta, how about frozen Coronas and strawberry margaritas, complete with salt crystals, to get your guests starting off on the right foot?
{found via Luna and Chloe Weddings, images via Bakers Royale}
I’m pretty sure the inspiration is endless; especially once you get going on Pinterest! But no matter what, you can bet that my next summer soiree will definitely have some frozen cocktails – and if any of you choose to use these for your signature “popsicle”, let us know!