I’m a proud momma because my little fella Charlie was featured on On to Baby.  Actually, I’m a proud momma everyday for some little reason or another.  The little dude is now 8 months old, has 2 (going on 3) teeth, is crawling up a storm, and is saying “mommom” non-stop. (yes, mom mom, not mama – no idea why!)  He’s been saying dada for 3 months, so the “mommom” is super exciting for me!

Our beloved wedding photographer (and now family photographer) Jennifer Roper was kind enough to do a  newborn shoot and a 6 month shoot (technically 7 months) for us and Charlie’s 6 month shoot was featured on On to Baby.  I had to submit it because I thought the tub photos were too cute not to share!  I got that enamel tub for $10 at the Melrose Trading Post and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, but Jennifer’s photos turned out better than I could ever have imagined.  Check out the full feature at On to Baby here, but below are my two favorite photos from Charlie’s newborn and 6 month shoots.

photos by Jennifer Roper