Two days after the Royal Wedding I read another bride was already married in a knock-off gown.  Why anyone would want to wear a knock-off of such a well known gown worn by such a beautiful bride is beyond me (sort of like on American Idol when a not so great singer tries to sing Whitney or Mariah, it is just NOT going to be as good!)  But there are lots of ways to take inspiration from the Royal Wedding without trying, unsuccessfully, to throw yourself the Royal Wedding.  Here are my top 5 predictions of trends soon to come:

1.  Lace, lace, and more lace + long sleeves
I know lace gowns were popular before (I wore one myself!), but I think we are about to see a resurgence of lace the likes of which we haven’t seen before (or at least not lately).  Lace on the gown, lace on the veil, lace in the details…lace is gonna be everywhere!  And while lace has been popular, long sleeves have not.  I think we’ll see less and less strapless and more long sleeves or partial sleeves.
2.  Bridesmaids in white
Only the bride should wear white?  Not anymore!  Inspired by Pippa Middleton and her gorgeous white bridesmaid gown, I think we’ll see more wedding parties in white.  And I think I like it.
3.  Lily-of-the-Valley
Though not every bride will be able to afford it, I think there will be lots of requests for lily-of-the-valley bouquets.  But since the flower is so pricey, I think we’ll see it introduced in other ways, like in the design of invitation suites.  And despite the price, my guess is we’ll see some brides finding a way to work the bouquet into their budgets.
4. Half up, half down hair
Did you know that before the Royal Wedding you could go to a hair stylist in London and request ‘the Kate’ hairstyle?  Well now I guarantee brides will be requesting ‘the Kate half up/half down do.’  I’m partial to this style – I wore my hair half up/half down for my own wedding.
5.  Facinators
The Royal Wedding made all things Brit all the rage.  So my hope is the tiara trend won’t catch on (no tiaras unless you are a real princess ladies!) but the facinator trend will.  We saw lots of Royal Wedding guests wearing them.  Here are some beauties that would be perfect for a bride:

What do you think the biggest Royal Wedding trend will be?  Any brides planning on following any of them?  As long as you aren’t planning on wearing a tiara I’d love to hear about it!