Emily and Shimby are two parts of a band called Bird Talk.  Due to hectic schedules and distance (the bride lives in Chicago and the wedding was in Atlanta) Erin Bailess of Bright Young Things crafted this wedding around things personal to the couple.  Birds were a theme throughout, a nod to the couple’s band, and the day was also inspired by French film director Michel Gondry.

Photographer:  Andrew Kornylak
Technical Director: Eric Doucette, Bright Young Things

Fabric Florals- Alexis Crowell
Wedding Gown: BCBG
Venue: The Trolley Barn (Atlanta, GA)
Hair: D. Jones
Makeup: Megan Bain

From the wedding designer, Erin on how she made the wedding personal to the couple:

This wedding was truly a DIY labor of love.  Every flower was made of paper or fabric. And, of course, 10 ft. paper peacocks, 12 ft. topiaries, and dozens of handmade bouquets didn’t come easily. However, friends and family members from across the globe worked tirelessly to turn Emily and Shimby’s wedding into a Gala. 

We polished off the celebration with an extravagant photo booth, a marching band, and a wedding cake made entirely of wheels of cheese. An enormous spread of  exotic fruits and honeycomb flanked the dessert bar, along with Brazilian pastries, concocted and hand-delivered by a myriad of relatives, who flew in to be a part of the ceremony. Not surprisingly, Emily and Shimby’s theme was, “You are my home, You are where I make my nest, now.”