So I’ve been finding myself stretched a little thin lately (depsite a recent and abrupt departure from a full-time day job).  Trying to focus the attention I want on this blog and keeping it fresh and inspiring, while being an at-home mom to a six month old has been hard to balance.  I’m still figuring it out.  Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out just the mom part sometimes!  And I think I need to scale back and do a little less here on Oh Lovely Day.  It’s quality, not quantity, right?  It is really hard because I love blogging, but it is like at least a part-time job (sometimes more like a full time job) with finding inspiration, writing posts, editing real weddings, maintaining a presense on twitter and facebook, reading other blogs) . . . and I already have a full time job and his name is Charlie.  I don’t feel like I can do the job I need to do in either arena, so I am going to take a little time away from the less important of the two (no offense).  So I’ll be on the laptop less, and I hope that with a little time away I’ll be more refreshed, inspired, and balanced.  And I hope you’ll keep reading, even if I miss a day.  If you check in and don’t see a new post that day, just picture me playing with my little guy, or trying to catch a nap or vacuum my living room or cook dinner, or puree baby food, or one of the other 500 things I feel like I have to do in a day.  No, just picture me playing with the small fry – that’s way better.

And since I’m sharing today, three years ago (the 26th but it was Memorial Day) my handsome husband asked me to marry him.  I said yes!  We got married.  We got Charlie.  Time flies!  Here I am at our engagement celebratory brunch, looking much younger and better rested, mimosa in one hand and engagement ring on the other.

So bear with me readers.  I’ll still be here and hopefully you’ll still be inspired.  Thanks for letting me share and have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.  And a shout out to one of my besties Hollie, her hubby Marc, and all of military and their families – thank you for the sacrifices you make everyday.  I couldn’t do it and appreciate that you do.  xx