Some weddings are so reflective of the couple being married, and this wedding is one of those.  This couple wanted a wedding that would reflect their laid-back style and their love for the outdoors.  The bride weaved the idea of ‘lovebirds’ in many of the details.  The centerpieces, cake stands, garlands and signs were all DIY.  Birds were found on the vintage hanky invitations, on each table name, and the bookmarks that served as escort cards.  They couple were married at a campground overlooking a lake and incorporating the outdoors as their backdrop.

Instead of clinking glasses, guests hoola hooped to get the couple to kiss!
Photographer: Ryan Birchall submitted via Two Bright Lights
How did you make your wedding YOU?  From Tina:
 I honestly don’t even know where to begin!  Every last detail of our wedding was very personalized, from the hankie invitations to the choreographed first dance.  Derek and I wanted to take the sometimes “stuffy” and overly traditional aspects of weddings and make them more casual to reflect our laid-back personalities.  The campground was a perfect opportunity to do this, especially since we both love the great outdoors!