To make your wedding personal and “you” it is all about the details.  Whether you have a big budget or a limited one, you can always find ways to personalize the details, tie things together, and show that you put thought into each aspect of your wedding.  You can pick one element and use it throughout your wedding, like a personal monogram or symbol.  Or you can create the same feel with your color palette.

This wedding from Style Me Pretty illustrates my point.  Although it probably falls into the bigger budget side of the spectrum, you can do something similar with much less by paying attention to your details.

Notice the wood details, the use of greenery and succulents, the color palette tying grey throughout in the groom’s suit, the paper goods, the chalkboard, the straws, and even the zebra!  The feel is rustic and chic, not too formal but not too casual.  Some amazing and talented professionals worked on this wedding but if you aren’t lucky enough to have a budget that accomodates such professionals, you can do it yourself by thinking about the details and being consistent with your theme.

To see more of this gorgeous wedding, go here.  Photos by Steve Steinhardt.