One year ago I started the week of my wedding, where I pretended to work for two days, then took the rest of the week off and welcomed family and friends, basked in last minute pampering, and got anxious and excited for the big day.  Although I’m glad that stressful time is behind me, I do miss that joyous feeling of the best day of my life being just within reach and the anticipation of finally being a Mrs.  It is such a fun and exciting time if you let it be.

So, my best advice for the week of your wedding is this:  do as much as you can well before that time so you can just enjoy it, take the week, or at least a few days off if you can, let the little things roll off of your back (like people who call last minute and say they aren’t attending afterall, or frustrating in-laws-to-be) and try not to let the big things get you down (like that natural disaster that almost prevented your big day from happening at all), and grab a few minutes alone with your almost-husband each day to just connect and remember why you are doing all of it in the first place. 

A week before my wedding my mom and stepfather were doing their evening walk when they were hit by a drunk driver, who then fled the scene and left them in a ditch.  My stepfather broke his neck and had to be airlifted to a hospital.  My mom was an emotional wreck, but physically ok.    Two days before my wedding there was a wildfire very close to our venue and we didn’t even know if we would be able to have the wedding, and if we could, if it would be a smokey mess.  In the end, my mom was able to travel to be with us (and even danced, drank, and had lots of fun), and we skyped the ceremony for my stepfather (who is now doing well) to watch.  And there was no fire or smoke to be found, at least not near our venue.

So enjoy that time as much as you can.  We made a long weekend out of our wedding festivities- going to the beach (with lots of sunscreen!) with our guests one day, spending one-on-one time with our parents, rehearsal dinner and post-rehearsal dinner gathering, etc.  It is over in a flash and you will miss it, eventually…

See, doesn’t it look like we had fun!?