To wear your hair up or down is a big wedding day question for brides-to-be.  I know I struggled with that question a lot myself.  Your mom wants you to wear it up, you know your fiance’ would like it better down, it might be windy or hot, you don’t want a prom ‘do, you don’t want an everyday ‘do, etc. etc. etc…

How you wear your hair should ultimately be the bride’s decision based on what makes her most feel pretty and like a bride.  It also depends on if you have a good stylist.  I always thought I couldn’t wear my hair down because it is fine and I didn’t think it would hold up.  But my amazing stylist (shout out to Rachael at Flawless Faces, holla!) showed me during my second hair trial that not only could it hold up, but it would look amazing.  I ultimately decided on wearing it down, but collected some great up-do photos, including my plan B up-do style.  Here is my inspiration and my stylist’s interpretation of that inspiration:

I mean, if I could have Amanda Seyfried’s hair every day I would trade her in a second, but for an up-do, I especially loved this look.
And here it is on me, a person with way less hair and a much finer texture.  But I still loved it…. I just loved it down more, and knew my husband would too.
Did anyone else find this to be a tough decision?