I loved doing this DIY project for my wedding!  I used a lot of vintage, antique type details, and I wanted my table numbers to literally be numbers – old home address numbers.  But I had a hard time finding actual old numbers to use, so I had to buy new ones and make them old.

-Address numbers (enough to make all the numbers for your table numbers)
-Frames (one for each table)
-Material for backing in the frames
-Glue gun & glue sticks
-Antiquing paint

I bought 15 cheap frames from Michaels.  Then I got all of my table numbers from Lowes.  I was using a specific lace fabric for some other projects, so I used leftovers from that as the backing fabric, which I bought at Joann’s Fabrics.
First, I “aged” my table numbers.
Next, remove the glass from the frames, cover the backing in fabric and glue in place.  Let the glue dry and then put the backing back in the frame.  Then you can glue the number onto the backing in the frame.  Make sure to do it while the frame is on so you are sure the numbers will fit. 
And here was my finished product:
Has anyone else done a creative DIY table number project?