Remember my post about my addiction to J.Crew?  Well, they also have an amazing wedding selection.  Today I wanted to feature some gorgeous (and pretty affordable) gowns from J.Crew.  They are all different styles and there is a price for everyone.  Most of them are under $700!

Dune gown  $895
Whitney gown  $425
Gracie gown  $475
Hope gown  $395
Sascha gown  $1500
Mimi gown  $595
I came very close to wearing a gown by J.Crew, which I loved.  But in the end I got my dream dress (Melissa Sweet’s Fern gown) for a steal (future post on how I did that another time) and went that route instead.  But I did wear J.Crew shoes and bought a clutch there as well (both on sale and under $100).  So if you don’t get your gown at J.Crew, don’t forget about your wedding party and your accessories!