Today is my 100th post!  I didn’t know what to post on this exciting (for me) day, so I decided to post about one of my favorite fun wedding things, cootie catcher menus.  I LOVE cootie catchers; they remind me of being a kid in school and playing silly games with my friends.  Some of my friends and I made it a tradition to use them as our menus at our own wedding.  My friend Kate made them first for her own wedding, then for my friend Julia’s wedding, then for my wedding.  And she makes and sells them on Tilde Designs!

I think the cootie catcher menus fit in with any kind of wedding (we each had modern, traditional, and vintage weddings, respectively) and bring a bit of fun for your guests as well.

Want some cootie catcher menus of your very own?  Check them out on Tilde Designs!