I’ve seen some great Oscar party ideas on the blog circuit recently, and I’m passing them along here hoping someone will use them and throw a fun party.  My husband and I take watching the Oscars very seriously…we have a ballot competition, make treats, and have seen most (me) or all (him) of the nominated films.  But this year I’ll be watching the Oscars alone, because husband is working at the Governor’s Ball after the Oscars and leaving me to compete with myself.  “No I don’t mind watching the Oscars alone while you’re hob-nobbing with the Oscar attendees at the most glamorous party of the year…have fun!”

Seriously though, how cute are these Oscar ideas, courtesy of the always creative Twig & Thistle and the amazing Amy Atlas!

To download the ballots go here and to download the popcorn bags go here and to see the full features at Twig & Thistle, go here.

To see the full feature and for recipes from Bakerella for the cookies and brownies above, go here.
So download, bake, pick your winners, and have fun!  I’ll be rooting for The Hurt Locker (although I loved Avatar and Inglorious Basterds too!), Kathryn Bigelow, and Jeff Bridges myself…