The new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings is entitled “Pretty in Pink,” and it really is!  Taking its inspiration from ballerinas, it features some of the softest, fluffiest, and most romantic gowns I have ever seen.  If I didn’t know I would look ridiculous, I would wear a pink tulle tutu everyday (at least in the privacy of my own home), so I absolutely loved the theme.  So, as I often do when I am inspired, I made a board based on the new MSW issue:

Top Row:  tulle flowers by Emersonmade, head piece by Twigs & Honey, necklace from flickr via The Sweetest Occasion, bride and groom from MSW, florals from flickr
Middle Row:  florals from flickr, stationery by Hello! Lucky, bouquet from Wedding Style Guide, both floral photos from flickr, pink bridesmaid dress via Wedding Style Guide, 
Bottom Row:  menu by Tilde Designs, pink gown photo by Amy Squires, bride from MSW, desserts by One Girl Cookies, Setting via Wedding Style Guide