I am a big fan of Polaroids.  I’ve always loved the anticipation of waiting for the image to appear and occasionally like to “shake it like a Polaroid picture.”  I had a Polaroid camera at my wedding and encouraged guests to take pictures in front of our DIY photobooth fabric backdrop…and it was a huge hit!  Now we have a huge collection of Polaroids from our wedding day, even if my husband and I did forget in all of the hub bub to take a Polaroid of ourselves!

I spotted these Polaroid collages over at Green Wedding Shoes and they made me swoon.  Now I am dying to try to do these ourselves, because what is better than a Polaroid of you and your husband?  A collage of Polaroids, that’s what!  Time to throw that wedding dress back on (and hope it fits) and do a post-wedding Polaroid shoot.  Check out the collages from sicoactiva via Green Wedding Shoes below.