Vintage hankies aren’t just for your grandmother anymore.  They are a thoughtful gift or element to include in your wedding.  I gifted my bridesmaids with vintage hankies that were wrapped around their bouquets (and my own bouquet was wrapped with two vintage hankies – one from my mother and one from my grandmother).  I gave my mother and mother-in-law hankies with a special message embroidered on them, and even gifted one to my betrothed with a message and our wedding date on it.  Another thoughtful idea would be putting out a basket of vintage hankies for wedding guests with a sign directing them to take one.

I’ve been a fan of Bird and Banner’s hankies on their etsy shop for a while, but I recently discovered they’ll be selling them at Anthropologie as well (like I need another excuse to go to Anthropologie!)  Here’s a little eye candy, but be sure to check them out at their website and etsy shop.