It is truly a sickness how much I love J.Crew.  I still remember going to my mailbox in my dorm my freshman year at Miami of Ohio and getting my first J.Crew catalog (everyone got them…they call Miami J.Crew U for a reason!)  Growing up in a small town nowhere near a J.Crew store, I had never really been exposed to J.Crew before.  It was there that my sickness began.  I would order sweaters in the winter from my J.Crew catalog and get so excited when they would arrive in the mail, like a package from home!  While J.Crew did go through a dull period, it has been revamped in recent years and now has so many beautifully chic and feminine pieces that it is hard to buy just a couple of things.  And now that the first lady has made J.Crew a staple of her wardrobe, things often sell out quickly!  Here are a few of my current favorites:

Long beach cardigan $138.00 item 20796
Frances stripe ruffled tuxedo shirt $89.50 Item 17669
Crystal Malibu necklace $68.00 item 22711
Silk bouquet sash was $35.00 select colors $25.00 item 21398

And for those of us living in warmer weather:

Jersey promenade gown $118.00 item 23480
Cyprus metallic gladiator sandals $115.00 item 20415
Luxe très bow bandeau top and bikini $44.00 item 21556

They also have an amazing wedding collection!  From bridal gowns to bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories…you could literally find your entire bridal party wardrobe at J.Crew.  I got my bridal shoes and clutch from J.Crew, each on sale for under $100.

Both from J.Crew, no longer available online.