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Hazelnut Photography


Hazelnut Photography

I am Southern girl that planted herself in LA with a handsome Bostonian.  We’ve built a lovely little life here with a little California Girl and a droopy basset hound.   I have a penchant for delightful cocktails, incredible food and traveling the world.

My job is a dream and documenting this beautiful day is incredible!  Hazelnut Photography grew out of a love for people, marriage and the little moments that make your big day the best day of your life.  While I love all the little details you’ve been fretting over for months and will capture every little decision you made, it’s the big hugs and the little glances that make my heart sing.

So, if you’d like to sit down over a cocktail and gush about all the pretty little details of your day, I’d love to chat!  We can do it in LA, but my wanderlust will take me pretty much anywhere you want to go!