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plan your destination wedding with wedding abroad expertsEver dream of getting married in Europe? Who hasn’t, right? Well, if a destination wedding in France or Italy is what you’re hoping for, Weddings Abroad Experts is here to help you.

Founded by French wedding planner Claire Jollain, Weddings Abroad Experts can help you decide which country and venue is right for you, and then will help you plan the wedding of your dreams.  With its network of European wedding planners, couples are given access to information on venues and other vendors, which makes international wedding planning so much easier and more budget-friendly.  They also help you plan and organize your wedding as much or as little as you like, with every budget in mind.

plan your destination wedding with wedding abroad experts

They currently offer 5 destinations for your weddings:  Paris, France; Almalfi, Italy; Bordeaux, France; Provence, France; and the French Riviera.  They also have partnerships with wedding planners in Corsica, Malta, and Croatia.  Tuscany will also be added soon.

They offer three packages to fit every budget.  The Full Package per destination is 15€ per month for one year.  The venue package per destination is 9€ per month.  The vendor package per destination is 9€ per month.  Can’t decide between Almalfi and Paris?  You can do multiple packages to look into each location to see which is a better fit for you.  Or know your destination and venue, but need help finding a florist, caterer, shuttles, etc.? Then you can buy just the vendor package for the destination you’ve already chosen.

plan your destination wedding with wedding abroad experts Weddings Abroad Experts is providing you with the information that you couldn’t find on your own and helping you plan the European destination wedding of your dreams.  You can thank me by inviting me along to France.  Or just bring me back a case of wine.

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