{DIY} Doily Valentine Note Cards

To kick off the week of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would post this adorable and simple DIY Valentine project.  I think what I love most about Valentine’s Day is the sweetness of a homemade Valentine.  My husband made me one years ago out of poster board, pipe cleaners, and some other random materials that stood about two feet tall.  I still have it.
So in that same spirit, I want to share this DIY doily Valentine project from Avie Designs.

Supplies: (for all three projects)

2 Circular Doily (mine are 12″ in diameter)
A2 cards & envelopes
knife w/ sharp blade
cutting board
Aleene’s tacky glue
1 sheet printer paper

First up, we’re going to make a cutout doily valentine which is the one with the pink card above.

Step 1: You need to poke out the shapes of the doily that did not get fully separated when it was machine cut. This can be easily done by holding down the shape with your knife and gently pulling the rest of the doily away. Do this on a cutting board as you may have to actually do a little cutting.

Step 2: Turn the doily over so that the underside is facing up and place your card in the middle of the doily.

Step 3: Using your ruler with the card as your guide, mark with a pencil where you want to cut. Cut along your guides, you could even use scissors if you like. Save the scraps for the next project.

Step 4: Now fold the sides over the card so you can see where you want to cut off the design.  Cut with your knife to reveal the design you want.  Make sure to leave room for your note!

Step 5: Starting with the back, glue the doily to the card. Now, it will be nearly impossible to glue every piece down, but you really just need to concentrate on the edges and the middle. Glue the doily and then lay the card inside of it. Flip over so that the doily is on top of the card and take your printer paper and lay it on top. Rub your fingers over the card and doily and paper to make sure that the doily is adhered to the card. This will ensure that you don’t get glue all over yourself. Then glue the sides to the front of the card and rub to secure using the printer paper. Let the card dry and you’re done! 

Next up, we’re going to make this white on ivory card made with the scraps of the last valentine.

Step 1: Take the scrap from the last card make sure all the holes are poked out.

Step 2: Center your card in the doily scrap.

Step 3: Fold the sides up.

Step 4: Glue the doily to the card just like the last one. And there you go! 

Lastly, I’m going to show you how easy it is to line an envelope with a doily.

Step 1: Poke out all the holes in a full doily and lay it over the envelope with the center of the doily positioned just under the adhesive of the tip of the envelope with the wrong side up.

Step 2: Using your ruler and a pencil, mark where you will cut. If you are using the same size materials as I did, it will be easy since you only have to make the 2 cuts. The bottom will not need trimming. Go ahead and cut along your lines.

Step 3: Slide your cutout into the envelope to make sure it fits and fold it down along the crease of the envelope. Glue your doily inside your envelope. Put glue on the lower half first and slide inside the envelope and make sure it is secure. Then glue the top part and secure it using the printer paper.

There you go…three easy, affordable, and homemade Valentines!  Thanks again to Avie Designs for the project.

{Inspiration Board} Lovely Floral Inspiration

I had to post these amazing florals I found on The Bride’s Cafe last week…they are too good not to share!  Arranged by Janie Medley of TBC, and shot by Katie Stoop of Open Air Photography, they are like a spring dream.  This would be the perfect inspiration for a spring wedding bouquet.  That peony has motivate me to create an inspiration board that I’ll be posting later this week.  Check out some of the photos here and head over to the full feature to see the rest.

Polaroid Love

I am a big fan of Polaroids.  I’ve always loved the anticipation of waiting for the image to appear and occasionally like to “shake it like a Polaroid picture.”  I had a Polaroid camera at my wedding and encouraged guests to take pictures in front of our DIY photobooth fabric backdrop…and it was a huge hit!  Now we have a huge collection of Polaroids from our wedding day, even if my husband and I did forget in all of the hub bub to take a Polaroid of ourselves!

I spotted these Polaroid collages over at Green Wedding Shoes and they made me swoon.  Now I am dying to try to do these ourselves, because what is better than a Polaroid of you and your husband?  A collage of Polaroids, that’s what!  Time to throw that wedding dress back on (and hope it fits) and do a post-wedding Polaroid shoot.  Check out the collages from sicoactiva via Green Wedding Shoes below.

It’s in the Details: Maps

I am a huge fan of Laura Hooper‘s Calligraphy and of her blog, A Lucky Orchid Wedding.  She does fresh and feminine calligraphy on anything you can think of, but my favorite thing that she does are her custom maps

I really wanted these for my own wedding, but they just weren’t in the budget.  Maybe someday we’ll have her customize one of her Emotional Maps, or maybe she can do a logo for Oh Lovely Day or Tilde Designs when we are a super successful brand (here’s hoping!).  But for now, I will continue to follow the blog and drool over the beautiful designs she does for others.

Sweets for your sweet (or yourself)

Cupcakes & Cookies from Better Homes & Gardens

Cakes from Perfect Endings

In continuing with my Valentine’s Day posts, here are some yummy treats to bake for the occasion.  The last photo comes from a DIY project to make those adorable brownie bags.  Find the full DIY post here and download the template for the bags here.  Hope this inspires some baking…
Amy Atlas posted a great Valentine’s dessert board today…head over there and check it out!  Here is a little preview: