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You know I’m all about budget-friendly & DIY ways to make your wedding personal.  I’m also a postcard lover.  So today I’m sharing ways to incorporate postcards in your wedding, and sharing a resource for how to make them!


wedding postcard save-the-dates
{via etsy}

Postcards are perfect for wedding save-the-dates!  You can design something cool to use on the front, or use an engagement photo, and put the info for your wedding on one side of the back, and the person’s address on the other.


wedding postcard guestbook alternative

No one likes the traditional boring guestbook anymore – guestbook alternatives are much more fun.  Design a custom postcard to look like a vintage postcard on the back, where guests will write you a message.  They can either leave them at the wedding, or you could make them self-addressed & stamped and they could come to you in the mail.  How fun would it be to get lots of mail from your wedding guests!?

{Wedding Invitations}

postcard wedding invitations
Using postcards as your wedding invitations is a super budget-friendly idea.  You can even incorporate cute & personal ideas like this couple did, allowing their guests to choose their first dance song.
{Invitation RSVP Cards}
wedding invitation response card postcards
If you don’t want to use postcards for your entire wedding invitation suite, just use them for your RSVP response cards.  Have them match your invitation suite, self-address & stamp them, and your guests just drop them in the mail.  Bonus points: postcard stamps are cheaper than regular stamps!
{Thank You Cards}
Probably my favorite postcard wedding idea is to use them for your thank you cards.  It makes them personal, shows off a photo from your wedding, and you can print lots of them cheaply.
Regardless of the way you want to use them, postcards are a great way to add a DIY and budget-friendly element to your wedding while still keeping it personal.  Looking for a place to print your yours?  Check out PrintRunner custom postcards.  They have lots of sizes, you can upload your file or design them right on PrintRunner’s site, and they will even address and mail them for you.
What is your favorite idea for using postcards in weddings?
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