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Most brides spend a lot of time thinking about their own wedding band (I know I did), but not much time is spent choosing the groom’s wedding band.  Some grooms don’t want to wear one, others lose theirs, plus they get scratched up, and most guys just don’t care.  But I’ve got the perfect solution for you.  Get your groom a tungsten carbide band.  They don’t scratch or get worn with time.  They’re more masculine and stylish than other groom bands, so your fella will want to wear it.  My husband and I choose a tungsten band like the one at the bottom left, and he loved it as much as I did.
And to solve that “they’ll lose it” problem, buy your groom’s tungsten carbide wedding bands at Tungsten World.  If you’re groom loses his ring (like mine did after about 2 years!) or if anything happens to it, TungstenWorld.com will replace your ring under their lifetime warranty I wish we had bought ours there, so we would have only had the sentimental loss instead of the one in his wallet too.
And brides, they have bands for you too.  Happy shopping!
Tungsten World is a sponsor of Oh Lovely Day
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