From the photos of her wedding, I can tell today’s Behind the Veil blogger bride is a girl after my own pretty-loving heart.  Please welcome Abby from Life in the Super Burbs (and also a writer for Style Me Pretty).

As a wedding blogger, what is your favorite part of other people’s weddings?

I should say details or love, because those are the obvious answers – but for me it’s the personality that comes out in the particular “feel” of a couple’s wedding. I love when I can tell what the couple’s home might look like through their wedding design. I love when I can tell what really makes them tick when the spotlight isn’t on them. If they are city chic folks with modern touches, more laid back with rustic touches or a mix of both – personality gets me every time. 

What was your favorite part of your wedding?  

I have two moments that REALLY stick out. First – since Andrew and I didn’t do a first look (I am old fashioned in many ways, and really wanted to keep that moment for the aisle) – our amazing photographer, Leila Brewster, and our cinematographer Julie Hill of Elysium Weddings – stole us immediately after the ceremony and whisked us away to the beach to take some shots of just the two of us. It was magical. It had been such a crazy few days and that moment was just surreal. It felt like it was just us against the world (and Julie & Leila were so amazing – we didn’t even know they were there!), and some of my favorite photos came from that time. 

Second, is when my dad sang our first dance song. That was SO special. My dad has always been my hero – and since I was a little girl, he used to sing me to sleep while playing the guitar. So it was just so perfect that he sang our first dance song – he even customized a few lyrics for us.

It’s funny – as a details-obsessed person, the two moments I treasure the most had nothing to do with details. I try to tell brides that all the time, details are fabulous but make sure you really allow yourself to enjoy the moments in between. 

What was the first piece of wedding planning you did?

We booked the Ocean House and it wasn’t even fully built yet. We literally walked through walls during our first walk through. But I knew it was the place we were going to get married, and no one was going to convince me otherwise. So many people were nervous that it wouldn’t be done in time, etc. etc. but in my heart, I knew it was going to be perfect. I always go with my first instinct with big decisions, so I didn’t think twice about booking. It ended up being the most perfect place to start this fabulous chapter in our lives. 

In your opinion, what is one vendor no wedding can be without?

This is so incredibly hard. I loved my vendors and I still talk to them all the time. Each of them played such a crucial role in bringing my vision to life on the big day so we could fully enjoy it with our guests without anyone feeling stressed. But I could not imagine not having our gorgeous pictures from Leila or our AMAZING wedding videos from Elysium (here is the short highlight video and here is the full video). We were SO lucky to have such artists as a part of our day. 

What was your favorite source of inspiration for your own wedding?

100%, without a doubt – Style Me Pretty. I may be a little biased since I write for the pretty blog and it’s also my full time job, but I am obsessed still to this day. Every morning I wake up so incredibly excited to inspire brides the way I was inspired. I don’t think I will ever tire of it. My second source of inspiration was our personal love story and the location where it all took place. Watch Hill is such a magical little spot in the world and I really wanted to make sure I did it justice with all the design elements. 

Do you do an inspiration board?

I did! And this was pre-me knowing anything about inspiration boards – but it was pretty dead on to what my vision for the day was. I SO wish Style Me Pretty’s board builder was around during that time, or Pinterest – brides are so lucky these days!  

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Your favorite wedding memory?

Walking down that aisle. 

Your favorite wedding detail?

I love love LOVED working with Paper Moss to create our stationery story because it was EVERYWHERE. Everything tied to everything – and that made my heart sing.  

Describe your wedding style.

We used the term Seaside Chic when planning our wedding. I love beach side affairs, but I wanted a more modern and sophisticated feel. It turned out just as I saw it in my head! 

If you could offer one piece of advice to planning brides, what would it be?

Trust your instincts and plan a wedding that reflects you as a couple – don’t just imitate a wedding because it was popular, you’ll regret it in the end. 

How did you make your wedding YOU?

Every decision, every detail, every movement was Andrew and I. From the Save the Date to the groomsmen’s ties (I submitted a custom design to Vineyard Vines and they created them!) to my dress to my headpiece to my mom’s dress wrapped around my bouquet to our first dance – I could go on and on, there wasn’t a thing (including the appetizers – we picked the ones we had on our first dates or special vacations) that wasn’t important to us. That’s what made everything so memorable it was full of our memories.

To see more of Abby’s fantastic wedding, go here.  
I couldn’t agree more with Abby in her advice to brides.  And I also decided against a first look, and because of it my favorite moment was also my walk down the aisle.  Still gives me chills when I think about it.  I know most photographers will hate me for saying so and many people disagree, but that moment is so magical when you don’t see each other before.
Thanks so much for sharing Abby!  xx